As summer kicks in ..majority of women warm countries will be re introducing their summer closets as winter creeps away .This includes summer dresses , slopes and for some women ..summer shorts.

However in parts of the world where circularism and religion thrive to exist side by side , its a completely different story .
For the past few days, young Israeli schoolgirls have been flooding social networks with photos and videos where they are lined up, from behind, all in shorts, in front of their school.

Hundreds of Israeli girls are protesting against the exclusion of some of them from classrooms for wearing shorts, considered “immoral”. Kai, 13, is leading the movement. She filmed herself and about 50 classmates in prohibited clothing, demonstrating in front of the school gates.

The clothes’ length is a recurring topic every summer: when the temperatures get warmer, arguments get heated, with rising temperatures and tempers from religios leaders and school authorities

In Tel Aviv, the “Slut Walk” founders welcome this spontaneous movement.Banners on the streets labelled “Still not asking for it” conote a deep and thought provocking movement that challenges steriotypes in that the girls are asserting that wearing shorts is still not a sign yhat the want to be sexually abused.

On Sunday, the first day back at school, several girls in one Tel Aviv-area school were sent home for wearing shorts. On Wednesday, schools across the country started protests by shorts-sporting girls in high schools and middle schools demanding equality in dress, especially during a sweltering heat wave.While boys are walking comfortably in their shorts ..girls have been forced to wear long skirts that makes them uncomfortable in the heat .

To top it up , The protests, combined with an affair in which a young girl was made to stay in school in her underwear rather than wear a sleeveless dress, has brought the dress code issue to the fore.

Appearing to back the protest, Meretz party leader Nitzan Horowitz says on Twitter that “this is coercion of girls only, due to a view of women needing to be more ‘modest.’ Why? This all comes from deep discrimination against women. Hegemony and control.”

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