Mai Titi gets leading role in Sirbalo , a Nigerian comedy

Popular comedian and social media sensation Felisters Edwarsd A.K.A Mai Titi is in cloud nine of bliss over her landing of a leading role in a Nigerian comedy. Mai Titi is one of the many Zimbabwean females who have spread the wings of their talent across borders and seas. The likes of Danai Gurira who stares in the popular Netflix Marvel movie Black Panther is a one other Zimbabwean pride in this category .

This breakthrough falls after a series of drama and negative energy that has been engulfing Mai Titi’s world . Her nasty break up with boyfriend ,Zizo falls top of the list , with social media fights with Madam boss and Tatelicious Karigambe being the cream on the cake . It is cleary a season of positive change in Mai TIti’s career as a female commedian .

The new series will see Mai Titi collaborating with her counterparts in a West African setup as she explores the colourful ,cultural and variable spaces of Nollyhood

Nigerian producers have endorsed Mai Titi who then said she was humbled by the recognition she is receiving from other countries. “They (Nigerian producers) have been watching me from my social media handles especially when I did my Covid-19 skits which attracted most Nigerians who shared on their social media platforms and they wanted to know more about me,” she said

“They shoot from their angle and I shoot from my angle and then they do the editing. “This experience really means a lot to me as an actress and comedienne since it has opened new doors for me,” said Mai TT, the first Zimbabwean comedienne to make waves in Nollywood. Mai Titi says she feels honored and proud of this recognition by a fellow African art industry and urges fellow comedians to work hard and think outside the box. It goes without say that every artist envisions international recognition of their talent

While Mai Titi is bustling with talent her heart warming activities extend beyond humor . In addition to her humorous skits, Mai TT is also a vibrant wedding emcee, great singer and events manager. During the unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 lock down, she has been actively engaging fans through her work. She recently touched many souls when she featured on Nash TV  singing original songs . As part of her social responsibility programmes, she has been donating bulk water to residents. She has also been donating food hampers to the less privileged members of the society, which has earned her more followers on social media too .

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