Breaking: Disaster As Belvedere Teachers College Library Roof Collapses

The roof of the library at Belvedere Teachers college has collapsed leaving behind millions of dollars worth of damage.

One Eyewitness said they heard a loud rattling sound coming from the entrance of the library doors at around 7 pm just before the roof collapsed.

”as I was walking towards the library I heard a rattling sound at the main entrance

‘As I got closer the rattling became louder and of a sudden, I heard a loud bang.

that’s when the roof collapsed

I have never been so scared in my life”

It’s still unclear what exactly caused the collapse of the roof but sources say the roof was condemned by engineers back in January.

Fortunately, there was no one inside the Library during the incident.

However if it was a normal Sunday students and members of staff would have been injured and fatalities possible.

Below are pictures captured at the scene of the accident.

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