Tsvangirai’s BMW X5 still in police custody 12 years after seizure .

LATE MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai’s BMW X 5, which was confiscated by Lupane police 12 years ago, is still parked at the station under unclear circumstances.

Police and ZIMRA impounded the Prime Minister’s campaign vehicle in 2008 saying that it was not properly imported into the country. They demanded $2,000 which he paid but they still refused to release the vehicle.

Towards the controversial June 2008 election re-run, police impounded the South African registered bullet-proof BMW X 5 claiming that the car was not properly imported into the country .

The vehicle was donated to Tsvangirai by a South African friend Adrian Espag following reports of an assassination plot against the once popular opposition leaderwho had scored himself quite a number of enemies from the ruling party.

Police sources at Lupane police confirmed the vehicle was still parked at the Matabeleland North station yard.

“Tsvangirai’s BMW X5 is still parked at Lupane police station. The car’s condition has deteriorated after it has been parked in the open for a very long time”,they said.

We do not know why the car is being kept here for such a long time,” said the police officer.

The vehicle, which was part of the late MDC’s security motorcade during campaigning for poll rerun, was impounded by police on June 6, 2008 in Lupane.

MDC-T spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni said during his last days, Tsvangirai had approached him and Chief Ndlovu to assist in retrievinh his vehicle to no avail

“I can only offer a personal comment because it is a matter that the party has not discussed, suffice it to say towards the end of his life, Tsvangirai had approached myself and Chief (Ndlovu) to assist him in recovering the vehicle,” said Phugeni.

The party’s spokesperson said there was no basis for police to keep holding the car when its owner is now deceased.

“The car should be released to the family. The car’s condition is depreciating while in the open,” he said.

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