Jah Prayzah’s “monya” in Mukwasha music video laid to rest.

Popular music video Mukwasha by Jah Prayzah is one song that engulfed the social media in dire times of an ongoing pandemic and gave Zimbabweans some spark of joy in their ears . It is no doubt that the music video spoke volumes to the realities of marriages and expectations by in laws in the African culture. Everybody who has listened to this video remembers the phrase”ndirikunzwa kuda kurova munhu”.The part is played by a man dressed in an intimidating orange overall , ready to beat the son in law :Jackson Musarurwa.

Musarurwa died on sunday in an accident along Joshua Nkomo road in Harare yesterday .Fans mourn the death of this big man with a big heart as he was affectionately known. He was 52 ,a vibrant actor who featured in local dramas such as Cobra and is best remembered for featuring in Jah Prayzah’s Mukwasha music video. Musarurwa’s pool of talents stretched beyond acting to actively participating in sport.

He was also a former chairperson of Highfield gym from 2000 to 2003 which takes credit for grooming talents such as Collin Mushunje ,ex -Mr Zimbabwe Junior Men bodybuilding champion .In addition to this Musarurwa was affiliated with the Zimbabwe National Amateur Body Building and Weight Lifting association as the Head of Security from 2006 to 2008.He also served as judge in various competitions with Muscle mania topping the list . To cream the cake ,he himself competed in the harare strongmen 2015.

the entire body building fratenity mouns the heat breaking and sudden death of a legend. It is with deep sorry that two individuals clothed with melancholy have been swallowed by nostalgia and havbe gone down memory lane to share some of the stories and memories of Musarurwa’s life.These are Leon “Master Lee Mulauchi and Quite Shangai. the duo is former running mates,training partners and close friends of the deceaced athlete.

“I had known Jackson for some time through his works on television and dramas ,but only officially met some time in 2015 ” lamented Mulauchi .

Jackson had a big heart and was always thinking of others. “There was never a person in need, a funeral or problem he did not try to assist. “I remember my last conversation with him, some time ago, in which he called to check up on me and warn me to stay safe from this Covid-19 pandemic.” He said through a film of tears .

Jackson was a man of many faces; he was a father and husband, a businessman, a friend and an advisor and helper to many people. “However, the best word to describe him was unifier; Jackson valued unity” a collegue stated.

“His funeral, which attracted people from all walks of life — corporate executives, bodybuilders, friends and karatekas — represents what he was all about, a unifier. “I remember our last conversation in which he stressed about the need for me to further my education,” Shangai said.

The Nation of Zimbabwe is left in tears by the loss of an icon ,a legend and a big man with a huge heart and a decorated artist .

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