MDC Alliance councillor murdered .

The desolating and tragic death of MDC Alliance councillor and district coordinating chair Lavender Chiwaya of ward 4 Hurungwe Central Karoi, comes amist the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and #ZimbabweanLivesMatter campaign l.The Mashonaland West councillor was murdered last night and his naked body was dumped four houses away from his home.

The MDC Alliance suspects that Chiwaya was abducted by State security agents and murdered before his body was dumped.

In spite of a few dissimilarities in details on where Chiwaya’s corpse was dumped, Secretary for International Relations, Movement for Democratic Change Alliance Gladys Hlatywayo also suspects the late Councillor was murdered by state security agents.

Hlatywayo tweeted, “MDC Alliance District Coordinating Chair, Councillor Lavender Chiwaya of ward 4 Hurungwe Central Karoi, MashWest was murdered last night & his naked body was dumped on his doorstep. He was being hunted by state security agents before his gruesome murder Loudly crying face

The MDC Alliance tweeted on their official Twitter account, “In a suspected abduction by suspected state agents, MDC Alliance Hurungwe Central District Chair & Ward 4 Councillor, Lavender Chiwaya has been found dead, naked & dumped 4 houses away from his home. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter“

MDC Alliance has also claimed that 30 of its members have fled from their homes in fear of falling victim to the alleged on-going crackdown of opposition activists in the same city.

In past weeks several politicians, activists and citizens have been arrested, with others being subjected to alleged torture by suspected State security agents on charges of orchestrating the 31 July protest.It is hoped that Chiwaya’s family will get the closure they need .

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