Girls Up movement visits Zaka ,New leaf for vulnerable Females.

Amidst the ongoing Pandemic,Zimbabwe continues to fight numerous issues surrounding gender and victimisation of the girl child .The civillian had a an opportunity to meet one Mr Tatenda Maphosa a gender equality activist , clothed with the spirit of humility and empathy.

The young man took it upon himself to initiate a vibrant movement that stands for enmancipation of women in the rural communities ,paying attention to their sanitary concerns ,personal.hygiene ,Gender Based sexual violence and generally how the Covid 19 pandemic has affected their patten of life as young girls .

Girl.up movement is a vibrant campaign that has turned a fresh leaf for the girls of Zaka.The campaign targeted 7 districts in the rural areas of Masvingo province.Within the vicinity, 25 girls per every district were targeted with special attention to ophaned girls and the disabled ranging from 15 years to early 20s.

During an interview with Mr Tatenda Maphosa he indicated that their main agenda was to lend an ear to issues raised by young females
” Girls Up guides and champions girls along their journey from leader to changemaker with specialized programming on global gender issues and in organizing, advocacy and communication” he said earlier this morning.

The team conducted a community outreach meeting in Zaka district, Ward 32 at Four miles shopping center. They were targeting young girls and women, doing knowledge sharing and educating each other on comprehensive sexuality.

“We also discussed on issues around menstrual hygiene during this global pandemic, how other organizations turned a blind eye to these issues” he said .
It was also noted that some young girls didnt know what a sanitary pad is and how to use it. In addition to this some girls don’t have access to under garments to put on in order to support sanitary pads and or their routine cloth.

Mr Maposa went on to empty the contents of their discussion with the girls and alluded,”we discussed issues around sexual gender based violence”. It was however, pointed out that many young girls and women are falling victims and the steriotypical society does not provide an accommodative platform to support their concerns .One girl was quoted saying ” society does not allow them to report their abusive boyfriend”.

While the Government of Zimbabwe is pre occupied with fighting political battles and a rapidly detiriprating economy ,the booming price hikes of sanitary pads has made it impossible for these girls to aquire basic sanitary wear . It is heart breaking to note that some girls are forced to drop out of school after days of skipping school every month during their menstruation days as the other boys lay down litanies of critisism when they spoil their uniforms .

It is hoped that with the aid of sponsorship reusable pads can be invested in by the organisation and sold at very affordalbe prices.

Tatenda spoke profoundly on behalf of the organisation ,”as an organization we believe that healthy women and girls, are the cornerstone of healthy societies
We’re a movement to advance girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders. When girls rise, we all rise. The movement is supported by Girl Child Empowerment Zimbabwe.”

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