Trump is not the right President for America ,declares Former first Lady Michelle

the former first Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama declared Donald Trump as an “unfit leader of the Americans” as she was quoted by the France 24 team earlier this week.

The United States of America is a nation fighting multiple catastrophes namely racial injustice ,Corona virus pandemic and political turmoil .Demonstrations have proliferated rapidly across the states with people demanding justice for George Floyd’s death ,a black man who was killed by white police officers during his arrest earlier this year .

The United States president Donald trump has had a rather subtle response to the demands of the black race by simply having blunt answers such as “i dont know what the fate of the officers will be” during a press conference with anti racism activists .

Speaking in deeply personal terms the former First Lady says the country has been leaving with the failures of a president who is not up to the task .

Michelle Obama delivered a thought provocking and heartfelt speech about empathy,values and the need to vote against all odds in the upcoming November election “Trump is not the man America needs” she said. Michelle Obama pleaded with the Voters to take it upon themselves to select the right man that will be a true leader. She was quoted saying ” Donald Trump has had more than enough time to prove what he can do for America but has failed “.She went on to say ” Trump is clearly in over his head and is failing ,it is what it is .”

Mrs Obama the keynote speaker on the first of four nights of her party’s umatched virtual convention ,blamed Mr.Trump’s victory in 2016 on voter apathy that year and warned that Republicans are currently working to tamper with the election .

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