2 Police officers arrested over massive roadblock bribe

Zimbabwe Republic Police Officers have been required to set roadblocks to control traffick and movement into the city center in order to cumber the spread of the corona virus . Fate awaits for 2 police officers alleged to have collected bribe money .The 2 officers are set to lose their jobs after courts prove them guilty of having collected US$18 and ZWL$ 247 bribe money at roadblock in Bindura last week.

The details in a memo written by the Officer Commanding Police in Mashonaland Central Province and addressed to Chief Staff Officer Operations, dated August 15 2020, confirms that the two were arrested at Batanai Roadblock Site in Bindura.

Sergeant Majatandare and Detective Constable Chigumira were arrested by a team comprising of Bindura District Superintendent Crime and operations Superintendent Mumanyi], Chief Inspector Chimano [Acting Provincial Police Intelligence Officer] and Inspector Gwati [Z.R.P Bindura Police District Intelligence Officer] following a tip-off by members of the public who had uses the same route

On the day of their arrest Chigumira and Majatandare were deployed at a roadblock together with Constables Muchekeche and Muchengeti  as well as Corporal Chigwara of Zimbabwe National Army [ZNA].
“In depth Searches were carried out on all members who were manning the roadblock and were found only with the money they had declared upon commencing of their duty and recorded in the Roadblock Occurrence Book,” the Memo said.

However,it is said that while at the roadblock, the team observed a black jacket which was placed on a chair behind a tree in close proximity of the roadblock site.

Chief Inspector Chimano asked Member in Charge of the roadblock Sargent Majatandare to whom the jacket belonged which he said it belonged to Detective Constable Chigumira.Chigumira identified the jacket as his own but failed to tell the amount of the money in it.

Chimano searched the jacket,and found US$18 and ZWL$247.Perplexed he checked , the roadblock registers and observed that the money in the jacket was not declared.

Besides that, the money was mixed up in the pocket indicating that it was hurridly chucked into the pockets without any indication of sequence and careful counting

The duo are in police custody waiting to appear in court. The money and jacket held as exhibits were handed over to Officer in Charge Bindura Central as Evidence” added the Memo.It is hoped that with the rising levels of corruption the two accused will meet their fate and justice served .The Civillian August 2020

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