Buhera man faces 9 years behind bars for illegal selling of pangolin skins

A Buhera man faces nine years behind bars after being found in possession of 274 pangolin skins.

Thirty-four-year-old Munduna Marayiti of Deure Business Centre in Buhera was apprehended last week after police had a leads on his dealings.

Marayiti appeared before Chipinge magistrate, Mr Poterai Gwezhira, last week on Friday .He was convicted after pleading guilty and consequently sentenced to nine years in jail.

According to Section 45 of the Parks and Wildlife Management Act Marayiti was found guilty of infringing the law. When asked why he violeted the law , Marayiti told the courts that the pangolin skins where of high sentimental value as he had inherited them from his late grandfather.

Standing before the magistrate Marayiti said “Your Worship, I was given these skins after the death of my grandfather, who was a traditional healer in Mozambique. I am not a poacher, I am pleading for forgiveness,”

Prosecuting, Mr Gift Bikita pointed out the crime of selling the pangolin skins without a licence.

“On July 27, detectives received a tip-off that Marayiti was selling pangolin skins at Deure Business Centre. They reacted to the information and disguised themselves and presented themselves to Marayiti as potential buyers.

“Marayiti allegedly took the 274 pangolin skins from his black satchel and showed the detectives. He was immediately arrested on the spot” said Mr Bikita.

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