South Africa’s # NotInMyName plan massive Demo to suport # zimbabwenLivesMatter

Popular South African pressure group Not In My Name stands in solidarity with suffering Zimbabweans as they orchestrate a massive demonstration. The group will be staging a mass protest this Friday .Organizer famed South African Activist Themba Masango confirmed that preparations are underway for a peaceful march to back up the ongoing campaign for justice in Zimbabwe .The proclaimed march trails behind chains of tweets by popular South African figures who used the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter hashtag to spotlight the predicament of Zimbabweans .The protest is said to take place in South Africa’s capital city ,Pretoria at the Zimbabwean Embassy .

Concerned Economic Freedom Fighters have demanded that the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa be closed until its government recognizes and respects human rights. Fellow Zimbabweans across the border have posted multiple messages on whatsapp to their families to let them know that they will be actively participating in the march this Friday the 7th of August 2020 . Despite escalating COVID 19 cases , the members of #NotInMyName have vowed to ‘carry out the march and observe social distancing rather than to sit at home and stay safe while fellow Africans suffer” .These were the tweet words of one long serving member of the pressure group. It is hoped that the march will be peaceful and a clear message will be delivered with no injuries or any acts of violence from all parties involved in the march .

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