Harshtag Zimbabwean Lives Matter Campaign gains support

Social media has been up to the brim with a hashtag that’s trending. From Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp the Harsh tag Zimbabwean lives matter is booming across the global village.

The world is fighting two battles of covid 19 and injustice. While parts of the universe are faced with proliferating cases of racial injustice, the most prevailing battle in Zimbabwe as the hashtag suggests is injustice corruption and ignorance towards the needs of civilians in the country.

The campaign is gathering support rapidly both locally and internationally. On the international spaces, the newly inaugurated president of Malawi Lazarus Chakwera has become the first SADC president to support the campaign. Famous football star Christiano Ronaldo and Music sensation British’s very own Adele tweeted their undying support.

Local celebrities such as Zim Dance hall Freeman, Sir Calaz, and many others have posted banners expressing their support from their homes… The popular “HKD boss” as fans address Freeman, went on to express how his managers and friends represent him and are a striking representation of him in the battle.
The campaign has also seen various Instagram pages taking the lead in spreading the hashtag. Local pages with masses of followers on insta such as Zimcupid, Zim celebs, Zimweddings and Zimclassics posted their captions together with the hashtag and an image of their choice among many that have been spreading.

An outstanding concern erupted from a local Zimbabwean feminist group Zimqueens not sorry that celebrates all Zimbabwean women within zimbabwe and those in foreign grounds too. The page posts all about women and their creativity. Their voices above stereotypes and gender inequality within the county have also merged with the ongoing campaign as they are also active behind the #Zimbabwean lives matter campaign.

Local, youth and adult civilians have spread the campaign. Petitions have been signed demanding the release of all those abducted as a result of advocating and voicing concerns for the injustice to be hampered in Zimbabwe.

It is hoped that this hashtag continues trending until the people’s demands are heard and more inclusive and fair governance is established in Zimbabwe. Images from artists have been trending on all the social media platforms ..Artists, poets and influencers have taken the lead in the visual imagery that has communicated volumes to all facades of the world. Some of the images are shown here.

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