United Kingdom’s first 6 year old black girl magazine editor

Amidst the deadly Covid 19 pandemic, Faith, a six-year-old bubbly, and a vibrant young girl has taken it upon herself to launch her own magazine with the aid of her mother Serlina . The two have
given the world a fresh smile despite the ongoing global catastrophes of Corona Virus and racism.

The publishing of Coca girl magazine comes months after the brutal death of George Floyd in the hands of police officers has sparked demonstrations across the united states and other parts of the world. The global village has been scarred by racism and bruised by traces of it that sip through crevices of the system.
The silent tranquillity of mother earth has watched as variations of expressions from the black race across the earth have erupted in the global village where their voices have been silenced for too long. The young and old have indulged in cries and screams for a more inclusive and fair world in all rainbow nations.

Faith is an editor of her new magazine called COCOA GIRL. One can not help but acknowledge the warm glow of pride that any person of colour would feel when they first glance at this book.
It is non-other than 6-year-old Faith herself on the cover of the book. This is a new and alluring feature as it is the first of its kind. The book celebrates black children and teaches them the black culture.

The idea to launch this book commenced when Faith had to find magazines to read as part of her homeschooling lessons during Covid 19 lockdown. To her disappointment as her mother said to the BBC News UK,” non of the people in the books looked like her.”Faith’s mother is a long time graphic designer who has previously worked on a number of big magazines. She has therefore actively helped her daughter by creating the magazine while 6-year-old Faith acted as editor.

11 000 copies have already been sold and more are yet to reach the market People from different parts of the world have asked that the magazine be translated to their respective languages. Images from her magazine include other black girls with a bouncing fro and tutorials on how to
style their raven black hair.

This magazine is hoped to be a source of pride and eradication of an identity crisis prevailing through the young generation of black children. Its also hoped that Faith’s work will teach others about the black history
and the bustling, intriguing and variable black cultures in order to create a world where we all belong and are free to wear our skin shades with no fear.

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