Nurses At Harare & Bulawayo Hospitals Reject Govt’s USD$75 Pay Rise

Nurses at Harare Central Hospital & United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), are protesting against the government’s paltry pay rise.

This follows the protests stagged by their fellow colleagues at Parirenyatwa group of hospitals yesterday that resulted in the government dangling a carrot increasing the salary of the entire civil service by 50% in addition of a covid-19 non-taxable USD$70 allowance.

However, the health workers in Harare in Bulawayo have since rejected the USD$75 allowance claiming its too little and that it must not be deposited into the Nostro account that attracts a monthly charge of USD$20 and will be withdrawn as RTGS at the inter-market prevailing rate of 1;25 which is way below the black market rate of 1:80.

The nurses at UBH took it a notch further by protesting agaist the government of President Emerson Mnangagwa saying the whole nation is hugry as one of the posters read:

Civil servants are hungry! Soldiers are hungry! Police officers are hungry! Pensioners are hungry! Private ‘sector‘ are hungry! Elites/‘Chefs’ are looting!”

In Harare at Sally Mugabe Hospital Nurses there said ‘No USD (United States Dollar) No work’ and also pleaded with the authorities to do something about their sorry situation as they have been reduced to beggars:

The situation in Zimbabwe has reached a melting point with poor monetary policies contributing to a hyper-inflationary environment that has since eroded salaries of civil servants to a mere USD$20.

Labour Unions have called upon the government to reconcider their paltrty pay rise and give them a better income in USD.

Below are some of the pictures of the Bulawayo and Harare Nurse’s protests:

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