Mixed feelings over the national day of prayer and fasting

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangangwa declared 16 June 2020 day of national prayer seeking divine solutions to worsening economic crisis and rising Covid 19 cases, a move that was received with mixed feelings.

The web was broken with content that was against the national day of prayer stating that Zimbabwean problems were man made therefore requires human solutions not divine intervention.

Yesterday many people were barred from entering the Harare central business district by the army and police.

People were forced to return to their residential suburbs and observe the national day of prayer and fasting while other were forced to throw away their tucks they were caring to their work places.

Many were left perplexed whether fasting and prayer are still voluntary or now a compulsion. The masses began to name it “command fasting”

However, others rallied behind Mnangangwa saying Zimbabwean problems does not know any political part, tribe race or color therefore needs collective action to tackle.    

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