Russia And Zimbabwe To Enhance Economic Cooperation

Zimbabwe’s state media on Saturday reported that Russia and Zimbabwe are set to reach new levels of economic cooperation.

Friday the 12th of June was Russian Federation National Day which has been observed since the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) in 1990, on June 12. On this occasion Russia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ambassador Nikolai V. Krasilnikov said in a statement that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s contribution to the creation of the Russia-Africa Partnership last year will enable Harare and Moscow to enhance economic cooperation, ZBC News reports.

In a statement Ambassador Krasilnikov said:

The path to sustainable socio-economic development has been full of difficult stages. Nowadays, Russia is capable of supporting the Second Republic under the New Dispensation through investment and transfer of technologies with the major bilateral mining projects of Darwendale and ALrosa in a spotlight.

The mechanism of Russia-Africa Partnership established last year with the great contribution of H.E. President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde E.D. Mnangagwa will enable Moscow and Harare to promote cooperation in such a specific area as the efforts to counter the coronavirus pandemic.

The state media paints a beautiful picture of the relationship between Moscow and Harare.

Russian President Vladmir Putini Greeting Zimbabwe’s President Emerson Mnangagwa

The Russian ambassador Krasilnikov reportedly described relations between Zimbabwe and Russia as “deep-rooted and cordial”.

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